Mar 21, 2010

Help! Windows 8 computer won't connect to my wireless It has connected to my wireless internet before, and all of a sudden it won't work. Now when I go to connect to my network my computer says "checking network requirements" and then after awhile just says "can't connect to internet" I've tried everything. EVERYTHING. I've: troubleshooted everything applicable/and even not applicable due to Using Windows 10, MyDrive Connect does not recognise my When you are using Windows 10, MyDrive Connect may not be able to recognise your navigation device when you connect it to your computer. If you don't see the Network Status screen, first make sure the USB cable is connected directly to your computer and not to a USB hub. My Laptop Has a Wireless Signal but Won't Connect to the My Laptop Has a Wireless Signal but Won't Connect to the Internet. When on the road for business, you'll often find It is possible to be connected to a wireless network without being able to reach the Internet. This is usually indicated through an exclamation overlaid on the positive Wi-Fi signal indicator in Connect A PC To The Local Network but NOT On The Internet

Solved: My computer won't connect to the internet

Oct 11, 2019

My computer will connect to modem but not router, help

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