Opera. Opera is incredibly easy to delete the unwanted website in both the history drop down and the auto complete while typing. Simply type part of the URL in and when it shows in the history drop down, highlight it and with the mouse and click the “x” on the right of the line to delete, the same for any other entries.

W. henever you browse to a website by typing in the Internet link (URL) directly in the address bar of Internet Explorer, the URL will be saved, and can be viewed by pulling down the list. Due to privacy issue, you may want to remove, delete or clear the history of links from Internet Explorer address bar. Removes all visits to the given URL from the browser history. This is an asynchronous function that returns a Promise. Syntax var deletingUrl = browser.history.deleteUrl( details // object ) Parameters details object. Object containing the URL whose visits to remove. url string. The URL whose visits should be removed. Return value Jul 24, 2019 · Select “Clear search history” and then click “Okay.” Delete your VLC viewing history on iPhone. Unfortunately, you cannot delete your VLC viewing history from your iPhone. However, you can take steps to keep it from being revealed. Open VLC on your iPhone. Click the VLC cone in the top left. Reasons why you would want to keep your browser history. So that you can quickly visit sites that you have previously visited where you have not written down the domain name Did you know that your browser history assists the browser when it attempts to auto populate what you are typing in when you are trying to search for a specific website To delete specific sites, right-select a site from any of these lists and then select Delete. Regularly deleting your browsing history helps protect your privacy, especially if you're using a shared or public PC. 1. Select the Tools button in Internet Explorer. 2. Point to Safety, and then select Delete browsing history. 3. History of webpages you visited. The back and forward list for open webpages. Top Sites that aren’t marked as permanent. Frequently visited site list. Recent searches. Icons for webpages. Snapshots saved for open webpages. List of items you downloaded (downloaded files aren’t removed) Websites added for Quick Website Search Mar 29, 2015 · Then after delete your keywords form Bing search box, you will see some keywords which you have searched last time. Step 2: Click on Gear icon on right-side. Step3: Find History icon left side.

When you search the Web with Firefox, the Search history can grow quite large over time. This article explains how to clear items from your Firefox Search history. If you want to clear address bar search suggestions (other than Search history entries indicated by a clock icon), see Remove websites from the address bar suggestions.

Jul 04, 2018 · If you want to delete your entire search history, go ahead and click the “Clear” button. If you don’t want to delete everything, you can also scroll down to view your search history. Under each individual search entry, you’ll notice two links, click “Delete” to get rid of just that search result.

Select Search History in the menu; You will see all your recent and historical searches from the beginning of times. You can select to show or hide your recent searches by moving the option to on or off. Delete. You can Delete all by clicking in Clear All option (see image below). If you don't see this option then try the next option.

Oct 14, 2013 · This means that, if you have entered a wrong URL, that URL will be persistent and will always show up when you type a similar query. This can be rather annoying, and deleting the browser history doesn’t clear it from the omnibar. Here is a quick way to delete a URL from the Chrome omnibar.