Supporting Freedom in North Korea ( As we reflect on North Korea Freedom Week, we recognize the efforts of the North Korean defector and human rights community to continue to shine a spotlight on the dire human right situation in North Korea. For decades, the regime in North Korea has subjected its people to egregious violations of

If the most dangerous moment for any dictatorship is when it starts to reform, North Korea looks ready to turn that truism on its head. Its recent shelling of South Korea suggests that the failing Kim dynasty might set East Asia alight rather than undertake any serious reform. Sony Hack: More Theories Emerge - BankInfoSecurity Based on the FBI's attribution of the Sony attack to North Korea, U.S. politicians have been calling on President Obama to impose sanctions against Pyongyang, with Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C Nov 12, 2019 · Although North Korea is generally described as a communist government, it could also be characterized as a theocracy.The North Korean government operates 450,000 "Revolutionary Research Centers" for weekly indoctrination sessions, where attendees are taught that Kim Jong-il was a deity figure whose story began with a miraculous birth atop a legendary Korean mountain (Jong-il was actually born CHILDREN’S PRIVACY . Liberty in North Korea does not knowingly collect or solicit any information from anyone under the age of 13 on this Service. In the event that

Inside The Ryugyong Hotel, North Korea's Foreboding "Hotel

Contact Information: Democratic People's Republic of Korea Invention Office of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea: Address: Kinmaul 1-dong Moranbong District Pyongyang DPRK. Telephone (850 2) 18111 (ex. 381 8625) 5972 TECH KP: Telefax (850 2) 381 4410: E-mail address: Title and name of head: Director General / Directeur général: Mr. Kim Tu Man

New amendments strengthen South Korea privacy law

India extends medical assistance worth about USD 1 million 1 day ago · Accept the updated privacy & cookie policy. India has extended medical assistance worth about USD 1 million to North Korea in response to a request received from the … Inside The Ryugyong Hotel, North Korea's Foreboding "Hotel