Setting up sudo Commands and Command Groups Just as in regular sudo configuration, any command which will be governed by sudo access must be listed in the configuration. Identity Management adds an extra control measure with sudo command groups , which allow a group of commands to be defined and then applied to the sudo configuration as one.

On Compute Engine you can manage the operating systems that are running on your Virtual Machine (VM) instances by enabling the OS Config service API and installing the OS Config a Setting up a Raspberry Pi as a WiFi Access Point Setting up a Raspberry Pi as a WiFi Access Point. I just walked through the process of setting up a Raspberry Pi as a WiFi access point so that devices could connect to it using WiFi and then have their traffic sent to the Internet via the Raspberry Pi’s ethernet port. Setting Up A PXE Install Server On Ubuntu 9.10 - Page 3

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Feel free to also install any programs you are accustomed to using, such as vim, emacs, tmux, htop, etc.Just add these to the list of programs for apt for install in the above command, after net-tools.. Setting up sudo. sudo stands for SuperUserDO – it helps you run commands with superuser permissions from a regular account. To set this up, you will need to edit the /etc/sudoers Setting up SSL | LibreTime Radio Automation Setting up SSL. To increase the security of your server, you can enable encrypted access to the LibreTime administration interface, and direct your users towards this more secure login page. The main advantage of using this encryption is that your remote users’ login names and passwords are not sent in plain text across the public Internet or SettingUpUbuntu - Community Help Wiki